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Information about our telecine group

As of March, 2003, we have about 1200 subscribers to the telecine mailinglist in 50+ countries, up from just a handful in June, 1994 when it started. There are probably many more readers of the group than subscribers, however, as the messages enjoy a wide distribution, through forwarded email and printouts.

PLEASE NOTE! the tig is now at, mailinglist interface at These pages you're reading will soon expire in favor of the new interface.

The power of this medium is realized in the nearly instantaneous exchange, yet non-realtime nature, of internet email. Feel free to discuss or expound on anything relating to telecine, but please remember that your words will be read by many other people all over the world. With the increasing size and traffic of a large mailinglist, it's sometimes better to narrow your focus, and send a personal email to one or two persons, rather than the entire list (remember to check your "To:" headerline). Please also don't use the mailinglist to market your products, I refer you to the last section of this document for clarification.

In a network sense, it is gloriously inefficient to send every message out to umpteen other sites, which then generates several replies to all sites again, ad infinitum, but it's also very convenient. Guide to TIG etiquette

FAQ (sort of) and archives

A comprehensive FAQ on telecine would require a lot of effort and editorial maintenance. If anyone would like to volunteer to do it, please contact me... in the meantime, many issues can be referenced in the archives section.

how to subscribe

Visit or, send a message to with the Subject: subscribe.

If you'd prefer to receive a digest of the list every three days, go to the tig mailinglist page and change your options. If you forget you password, you can have it mailed to you with one of the options.

As of December, 1996, there is a parallel 'announce' mailinglist intended to be a vehicle for manufacturers and their products. This list will be sort of a 'supplement' to the main mailinglist and will be published every few days. Your subscription to the regular, main telecine mailinglist includes a subscription to this 'announce' list. See the last section of this document for more details.


contributions to cover the work involved in maintaining the TIG are accepted. The TIG is currently colocated at a university in Southern California, where it can take advantage of 3 T1 connections to the internet. The use of these facilities, the hosts themselves (virtual and real), the archives, list code, and their maintenance are paid for with work done by Rob Lingelbach whose only compensation is by contributions from the TIG community. Please consider making a contribution. The following is a button that will take you to a credit card interface:

The button above takes you to the PayPal interface.

Vendor/manufacturers are asked to become `sponsoring members' with an annual contribution, which entitles them to participation in the commercial supplement mailinglist, where they can announce their new products and features. Contributors are listed in a special section of the webpage.

I can no longer accept checks because my mailing address is not settled.


See below about restrictions regarding advertising on the mailinglist.

copyright policy

The contents of TIG mailinglist messages may be copied to realms other than those of the TIG, but the original author(s) MUST be asked permission, and the TIG itself MUST be credited, along with the web URL

telecine web classified

Expanding section of telecine classified ads listing equipment, services, positions wanted and offered. For details on listing your gear, position, services, contact

guestbook feature

Visit and sign the telecine internet group guestbook . A place to blow your own horn, if you will.


Colorists and others --engineers?-- are welcome to brag and boast about their recent work in the bragbook...from a suggestion by Dave Tosh.

anonymous page

there's an "anonymous" book where you can post whatever you want anonymously. ..this is to serve as a place for people who may be otherwise reluctant to reveal to the TIG at large their opinions or level of knowledge.

Posting Ethics

the 3 Telecine Internet Group rules:

  1. No personal abuse
  2. Absolutely no advertising or marketing on the main TIG mailinglist
  3. No multiple-question "surveys" of subscribers without permission
...Please help to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio on the TIG.

How to use the TIG for marketing purposes?

There exists since 1996 an auxiliary, 'commercial' version of the TIG mailinglist, for advertisements of help wanted/positions desired, product news from manufacturers, and equipment for sale. This mailinglist is known as the 'telecine-announce' list and postings can be sent to This is a digested form of mailinglist and is published every few days. Generally there are not more than two digests per week, and many weeks there are none. Posting participants are asked to contribute to the Telecine Internet Group; details above. Inquiries to

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