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  • Steve Hullfish explains two effects on Apple's Color:

I think I just successfully uploaded the jpg screenshots of these two effects.

(Editor's note: the images follow this line, and instructions included thereafter.)

Defocus vignette.jpg

Defocus highlight.jpg

Each effect seems to have two files to it. The cfx file is the "real" file. The ".lsi" file is simply the icon (basically a mini-screengrab of the effect over the original source footage) for the effect. I deleted one of these .lsi files from Color by accident and the effect recalls perfectly, but there is just a "page shaped document" icon instead of the nice icon that shows what the effect looks like.

To get these to show up in your Color app I went to my main hard drive where Color is installed and went to the Users folder, then my primary user folder (on my machine called "G5Demo" then this path: Library>Application Support>Color>Effects. If you drop the four effects into the Effects folder, they will appear in your "ColorFX bin" in Color. To use them, just drag and drop the icon for the effect into the large black workspace and adjust the parameters, like key, vignette size and amount of blur.

  • contact Rob Lingelbach for information on grabbing these files from the TIG server.

--Rob Lingelbach 13:28, 24 December 2007 (PST)