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Kindly provided by Peter Swinson.

Note from Kari Moilanen, sent 23 November 2009:

Hei Rob,

Cintel Photos 3, picture 24, 3rd from the end, happy customers from Gerry Vickers to right are: Carl-Henrik Blyh, retired, Kari Moilanen, part retired, and Jarkko Uusitalo ( only half of his face) retired. All we were from Finnish Broadcasting Company and we were celebrating the succesful acceptance test of 300th sold MKIII. The date was 13.03. 1980 according to my acceptance test report.

Best regards

Kari Moilanen

A very young Dave Saville (Test Engineer then Service then Sales)
Adam Welsh (Sales)
Alan Mcilwaine (Sales Manager then set up Quinto Australia)
Andy Cowell (mech eng) & Eddie Heywood (sales)
Another one of a young Dave Saville
DAV Dave Walker & Steve
Dave Walker and Film grain remover.jpg
Dave Catt (Sales then Da Vinci).jpg
Dave Green (Cintel Service Manager then Da Vinci)
Graham Collet (Service) & Jeff Pinner (UK Site manager)
Is it a slide or caption scanner
Jerry Rodgers (Designer of amigo) & Mike Griffiths (Designer)
John Kerr (Sales Lyn Gardiner (Sales) Jorg Schaefer (Germany Sales)
Kevin Shaw offers Rank Organisation to a deaf lady
Maggie Fenton & the late David Fenton
Maggie Fenton & the late Macradecien (Service)
Moshe at MKIII remote
Neil Kempt & Rita Rapp (Saticoy Office)
Possible tyre kicker and Jack Brittain (Sales then M.D.)
Sue (UK Reception)
Swinson pretends to know how to use a MKIII, while nobody is looking
The late David Fenton John Dowdell Dave Corbitt plus one
The late David Fenton Peter Swinson & The Gong Man
UK sales celebration Alan Hardy (service manager) Dave Catt (Sales) Alan Mcilwaine (Sales Manager) Gerry Vickers (Sales) happy customers
Ursa Arcas first try L.A 1989
USA employee not sure who not sure who

Rob Lingelbach 21:51, 23 November 2009 (UTC)