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Upgraded to Python 2.1.7

Upgraded Mailman to 2.1.18-2


Incorporated social media tag groups on all pages. v. 9.0 now

Redesigned main page for higher res first reel; rotating reels below

logos moved to right of main reel


New logo, designed by Gerta Lind, in place. 8.1 now

Tshirts screen-printed and will be distributed at NAB and through shipping.

yum fix (see ~/yum.out from "rpm -qa | grep yum" )

fixed: sidebar (mediawiki:sidebar) has ** useful reference links|Reference Links ... not showing sidebar


Thanks to Dwaine Maggart, once again, the Festa Tree is restored. This time to photo albums (see navbar to left) Nov 2010

With all the below esp. Semantic Bundle, took the version to 8.0 Nov 2010

Took the MTA to 4.72, finally, implemented in-line scanning. Nov 2010

Found Festa_tree courtesy of Dwaine Maggart and sent to Bob Nov 2010 drawing applet incompatible with current php unfortunately so image is static

created and put in place favicon for Nov 2010

Semantic Bundle working for forms, instituted Colorist-anthro project. Nov 2010

update to 1.16 after backup and db dump; check semantic-bundle; use update.php -before- doing the SMW_update thing as specified in the docs for SMW. (before update, check if php 5.3.x can work) Sept 2010

isoc logo incorporated Aug 2010

fixed the wiki URLs to use a virtual directory structure and drop the awkward index.php path April 18 2010 to v. 7.3

created Calendar Help page, linked on main Calendar April 17 2010

sandbox problem loading white page fixed; was an extension incompatible with PHP 5.3, see notes in local settings Mar 14 2010 found new whiteout prob, appears to be anywikidraw extension incompatible need new draw tool see TODO

PHP errors with SemanticBundle upgrade; backed out PHP 5.3 (via 5.1) to 5.29 - built without apxs and ldap. See Feb 4 2010 see new TODO page Mar 6 2010


unpredictable behavior with AnyWikiDraw when using tags in Main Page and when trying to edit old drawing (festa tree). put on heavy HOLD Jan 2009

update webalizer to 2.2 many new functions (note: include GeoIP db) DONE Jan 2009

added Special:Mails extension for random bot mail direction :)

built pgp-enabled mailman for secure list DONE (beta) Jan. 2009

added page and table for "colorist stats" courtesy DaVinci Jan. 2009

Calendar namespace and code added Jan. 2009

Poll code replaced with Ratings code Feb. 2009

fixed bug with cookies auth in Calendar extension (went to 3.7.03) Feb 2009

upgrade wiki to 1.13.4 successful DONE Feb 10 2009

fixed bug in GoogleMaps API DONE Feb 18 2009

LinkedIn DROPPED Feb 19 2009

Mailman upgrade to 2.1.12 successful DONE Feb 27 2009

Wrote script to output posting stats, see contrib dir for mailman . see TODO for gnuplot incorporation DONE May 1 2009

upgraded php to 5.2+ and mysql to latest June 11 2009

fixed phpMyAdmin, locked out until needed. June 17 2009

enabled photo thumbs, db access from Facility Table. Grading Rooms section also added, combined. took TIG to v.6.3

backed up wiki to adeed June 25 2009

late 2009

upgraded wiki to 1.15.0 July 12 2009

adding maps to Facility Table, pending GoogleBar fix (need markup generator) July 13 2009

upgraded to mw-1.15.1 July 14 2009

fixed file upload problem, was AnyWikiDraw not compatible with mw-1.15.1 July 15 2009

found workaround for GoogleMaps GoogleBar stuck due to Brazilian IP- using WikiWidgets for GoogleMaps instead. GoogleMaps code incorporated into FacilityTable July 15 2009

3 ways to use maps code now: GoogleMaps (though googlebar is stuck from brasil ip); WikiWidget Maps widget (see sandbox); and preferred: Maps with semantic capabilities. July 24 2009

fixed: "edit is blocked for me when i protect a page for sysops only; blank page returned on protected page when edit attempted, at submission." problem apparently with LocalSettings, missing $IP path component. July 2009

webglimpse configured archive #11 for DIR mode, both old and new TIG msg archives. August 2009

dropped GoogleMaps, apparently broken in MW 1.15.1; Semantic Maps (Maps extension) is more extensive and active. September 2009

dropped awstats. September 2009

ConfirmAccount extension added, excellent, queues account requests, forces realname, forces biography - not sure if a good thing, can diasble-- many options. September 2009

dhflashplayer flashvars fixed to include start image ! took to v. 6.4 Sept 2009

Changed name to TKColorist Internet Group. New Logo v. 7.0 Sept 2009

Significant restyling done of monobook skin. Would prefer to tighten up the CSS but what the heck. Looks pretty good now v. 7.1 Sept 2009

Fixed hole where anonymous users could create pages. Oct 1 2009

Dropped second archives split option, because htdig abandoned. swish-e takes 8 mins for entire index; webglimpse even less for update. Webglimpse appears at first glance to be easier to customize for cgi. Oct 1 2009

Colorist Directory created, using SMW. Oct 5 2009

'force bio' of ConfirmAccount set to 0 chars; hopefully that disables. Oct 5 2009

mtime problem with archives fixed, custom python script, descends any group's directory of *html. Finally. See mtime_change . Oct 8 2009

Wiki Widgets still very active, using for Wikpedia includes. Oct 22 2009 for wikipedia widget- embed a page. v. 7.2 Widget:Wikipedia added Oct 22 2009

AnyWikiDraw working again after it fell out of sync with PHP and MW. FestaTree reloaded to History of TV/Telecine. Oct 23 2009

Worked out the logo dissolve conundrum, using parser instead of tags. clickthrough done too. see TODO on getting the tables looking better .. CSS the answer Oct 23 2009

Color Picker now available and announced. Nov 2 2009

Twitter feed available anywhere .. possibly tig-wiki-twitter page. account for TIG created, see mail for details. (also suggested: Colorist Directory) Nov 2 2009

Colorist Directory released and gathering listings, as of 18 Nov, 22 participants. Nov 18 2009

name that color: advanced javascript app for TIG based on existing. wrapped js into the wiki markup. pending request to ntc's author for license. for development, see TextMate ntc.js All covered in the Color Picker as noted above Nov 24 2009


fix htDig excerpts display and see error log DONE January 2008

following a brainstorm, got mailman interface to wiki working, subscription via wiki to tig works! miniform on main wiki page February 2008

put color conundrum feature in Reference Links DONE March 2008

study Plone for suitability; note mediawiki more highly developed (plugins) DONE (plone dropped) March 2008

Encoding for DSS? use MPEG4IP's frontend to encode.. sample files play fine, uploaded ones done via handbrake don't. DROPPED April 2008

EmbedVideo extension: not working. fix. Feb 2008 DROPPED (streaming concerns) May 2008

update info files (faq, etc.) to lose the -announce mailinglist, superceded by wiki commercial announcements DONE May 2008

upgrade mailman to 2.1.10rc1 DONE May 2008

why are held messages not in .txt format, the pickle files persist after editing and FIXED May 2008

inaugurate ssl-enabled TIG for encryption in and out of server. posted it as beta to the group. DONE June 2008; certs worthless and expensive DROPPED December 2008

create new logo DONE Feb 2008

existing non-SSL version admin bug FIXED June 2008

upgrade mailman to 2.1.11rc2 DONE June 2008

upgrade mediawiki to 1.12, PHP to 5.2.6 to include xml DONE June 2008

RSS - Atom xml bug fixed DONE June 2008

PayPal access added on wiki, with upgrade and RSS working, iterating to v.5 DONE June 2008

WikiChat extension: dropped server refresh way slower, killed anon access. DONE June 2008

Skype Extension: instructions on the main page pointing to user pages. DONE June 2008

AnyWikiDraw extension: bugs fixed. added Festa_tree on photo albums page. DONE June2008

added plot for TIG google over time. brought back the astronomy and ham radio areas on the conference area. V6 is perhaps a month away, and will be a nice improvement, mehopes. v 5.1 DONE July 2008

revived Grading Facilities table, awaiting input DONE July 2008

Invision PowerBoard conference area added. feature rich, needs more participation. DONE July 2008 SUSPENDED August 2008 due to server change

Paypal extension ported. DONE August 2008

captcha extension ported. DONE August 2008

.flv using server-side container much better, created drop zone for filesharing, and enabled .flv flash on wiki; "flash" tags added to wiki. Some windows users unable to use the filesharing, so the workaround is to upload via the wiki, ignoring filesize warnings. DONE August 2008

MediaWiki sidebar edited to show colorist reels section. DONE August 2008

Ajax See Who's online extension added DONE September 2008 *abandoned until css worked out

Webalizer stats added to wiki DONE September 2008

add 'Featured Spot' to wiki main page; delete amateur radio, astronomy sections for now. DONE September 2008 (see todo page for more regarding flash control within wiki)

quiz extension. see DONE Nov. 2008

ClickThrough extension. DONE Nov. 26 2008

Flash Embedding extension, using swf: DONE November 2008

RFC 1855 - netiquette- write script to automate editing top-posts: DONE December 2008

incorporate dhflashplayer extension, so .flv can be used within wiki, and provide better play controls for viewer. better quality too.. but now the clips start paused, which is ok for now. DONE December 2008


fix tele dot com redirectmatch from the archives link on mainpage. easy in the main conf file. DONE Jan 2007

regenerate mailinglist archive search facility. DONE Feb. 2007

Earthlink/mindspring IP blocking problem FIXED March 2007

fix .png upload problem as reported by Glenn Chan. DONE March 2007

change navbar to delete "Random pages" and replace with "Popular pages" DONE March 2007

change navbar "TIG mailinglist info" link to go directly to the mailman interface DONE March 2007

incorporate more smoothly the ancient archives. have them in the htdig search, but need actual index pages. DONE March 2007

create a GoogleMaps extension and code. DONE March 2007 (on HOLD Jan 2009; version problems and IP change cause barf)

abandoned email notification (perhaps except for watchlists) in favor of RSS feed for recent_changes page. notified subscribers. DONE June 2007

create guestbook feature DONE June 2007 DROPPED July 2007 no interest

HTDIG -- not working at all. looks like archives searches from the individual (date, subject, thread, author) archives selection indices are not working right. FIXED July 15 2007

request for telecine history from Jeff Kreines July 14 2007; compose new TV/TK History area July 17 2007; include sections from D. Case on color nomenclature August 23; wikipedia entry suffices mostly DONE November 2007

revise classifieds to show date of ad, with note at top re: format; DONE August 2007

update the FAQ. DONE August 2007

upgrade to 1.11 from 1.7 DONE September 2007

captcha interface for account creation DONE November 2007

images are now thumbnailed correctly using proper syntax DONE November 2007

find and incorporate on Tech Discussions page the Lift After Gamma mod pages with illustrations DONE by Dwaine December 2007

--Rob Lingelbach (talk) 23:38, 31 May 2014 (UTC)