Peter Swinson on Contrast and its Relationship to Color

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I definitely agree with those suggesting that the "diffusion" within silver grain images has a great deal to do with the B/W look. Is the fact that it also encompasses a continuous spectrum also significant, probably not when viewed on a TV, because of the non continuous RGB, but possibly when projected as film. The diffusion can cause a "soft" but still full resolution look to the image, is there something here that pertains to the attached graphic that clearly shows our visual response to resolution vs contrast. Interestingly the Green rez seems lost at higher contrasts than the Red & Blue, yet we use the green image as a "best source for resolution" in video !

I remember the Cintel design team in the "good old days" being very aware of the term constant luminance when referring to color adjustment, does this come into the discussion?

Graphic attached.

Sin res rgb vs mono smaller.jpg

--Rob Lingelbach 08:10, 23 March 2007 (PDT)