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The correlation between booze and color correction were really invented in Ireland. So at last, the missing link; while not exactly BRRE, this turn of late 1800’s colour correction chart for determining how to adjust the colour of Jameson’s whiskey must surely pre-date subtractive or additive film colour printing correction and certainly any scanners, though, of course it will link with “stills” photography !!

Description of image.

Whiskey grade.jpg

In an attempt to standardise the colour of Jameson whiskey bottled by the bonded trade, Jameson issued this colour correction chart. By holding a sample behind the hole on the left, bonders could then check their whiskey against the standard colour disc on the right. Lighter whiskey could then be darkened with caramel.

(From The Whiskeys of Ireland, by Peter Mulryan ISBN: 0-86278-751-3)

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