Set Counter Shortcut for the daVinci 2KPLUS

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Sometimes we have to set the daVinci counter to the current in-point of the TLC. This happens when we need to edit reels together or when we’re setting up to record the next lab roll on a dailies job. Open the Keyboard and press: <F> <1> <i> then (on the keyboard panel) < SET COUNTER> and your counter is reset to the current in of the datacine on the TLC.

To shorten this task a little more. Right click on the background and select SETUP and then MACRO.

  • Click NEW
  • Type the name something like “set counter In” and ENTER
  • Click RECORD
  • The 2k is now recording all your keystrokes. Press the <CLEAR> on the Keyboard panel. This will wipe out any residual entries in the buffer.
  • Press <f>
  • Press <1> This will select the row on the TLC.
  • Press <i> for in-point, ** also note that <o> would be for the out point <d> for the duration and p for position. But just <i> for now.
  • Press <SET COUNTER>
  • Pick a letter (case sensitive) or a number and enter it into the Macro Fast Key field. Hint: if you pick Zero to Nine or A thru H you will be able to trigger the macro without opening the keyboard slide draw. Use the number key pad and the scratch pad for letters. But you must program the macro with the slide out keyboard.
  • Click SAVE

To trigger the macro press <MACRO> and your selected fast key.

--Jim Mann 16:33, 9 March 2009 (UTC)