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RushTera  RushTera is collaboration for filmmakers, studios, festivals, film schools and video pros. For Studios RushTera accelerates turnovers to and from colorists, editorial, production, post-production, sound, vfx, marketing. Focus Features used RushTera for post production turnovers on Dallas Buyers Club, Kill The Messenger, The World's End, The Black Sea, Admission ...For Festivals RushTera streamlines submission and streaming of both screeners and full resolution files. PromaxBDA used RushTera for their 2013 HotSpots Showcase. RushTera is completely browser-based, with no capital cost.

New at NAB 2014, RushTera will be demonstrating acceleration from/to anywhere in the world, a brand new user experience, a new iPad/iPhone app, and customizable branded upload and share pages. Contact Chuck Stormon at chucks <at> attendllc.com for a private demo appointment. To receive an invitation to RushTera's NAB 2014 party featuring an appearance and photo opportunity with the DeGregorio twins, sign up for a free trial at http://www.RushTera.com

Digital Vision

At NAB 2014 Digital Vision will launch the Golden Eye 4 film scanner aimed at film restoration, incorporating some unique new features. The company will also present Bifrost Archive Bridge, a unique end to end workflow solution that enables archive owners to preserve and restore their precious film assets through the streamlining and processes automation. There will also be demonstrations of the latest Nucoda colour grading tools and the Phoenix range of film and video restoration tools. Also on show will be realtime 4K image processing using THOR hardware and distributed automated processing using Loki.

Quantel  Quantel #SL2109

The latest Pablo Rio developments will be on show in dedicated demo pods and in our 4K 60p theater. There will be live demos throughout the show with Pablo Rio feeding full quality 4K 60p into the theater.

There are plenty of new color and finishing toolset developments to see on Pablo Rio including optical flow slow motion, Avid conform with effects, more file format support, faster wireframes, tracker improvements and many more.

NAB is also the show debut for Genetic Engineering 2 - a shared storage infrastructure for Pablo Rio. GE2 allows jobs to be switched between suites instantly without copying or moving media. GE2 guarantees real time streams to each client whatever any other client is doing - absolutely critical for client attended sessions. GE2 can start small with HD and can scale up to delivering 6K 16 bit to multiple clients - all guaranteed real time.

We will also have our color scientist David Throup on the booth. If you want to discuss or debate anything color then Dave is your man.

Hope to see you at the show. If you want to reserve a demo session for Pablo Rio or GE2 in advance or would like an appointment to chat to Dave then please mail me at steve.owen <at> quantel.com. NAB gets busy, reserving a slot gets you priority.

Have a good show all and hope to see you in Vegas.

Steve Owen, Quantel


Historic film scanning gets a boost to 4K+™ in the flashscan8.us/MWA Booth as MWA Nova debuts its new Choice4K+™ scanner for 8mm/Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm film.

MWA's new scanner provides 4096 x 3072 pixel images, which puts new life into the economical use of home movies and wide range of other film collections for theatrical documentaries and television.

That includes Super8mm color sound film of the 1986 Space shuttle Challenger disaster shot by then-19-year old Jeffrey Ault.

His fifty feet of film recorded the heart-warming liftoff and gut-wrenching explosion from a perspective not seen in professional images provided by NASA and network television cameras.

Ault's film will be transferred to 4K+™ on the Choice4K+™ during a 3:15 p.m. Wednesday afternoon event in the flashscan8.us/MWA Booth.

It is the second time Ault's film has been preserved by MWA equipment at higher than SD resolution. Two years ago, the Choice2K+™ was used to make 2336 x 1752 TIFF files. Magnetic sound was also captured.

As the Challenger soars upwards, applause and comments can be heard in the background. The voice of NASA Mission Control narrator Steve Nesbitt, is also heard coming through the viewing area’s loudspeaker system. Then, haunting reactions begin from to flow from people near the camera and the film captures Nesbitt’s most chilling words, “the vehicle has exploded” before it runs out.

The MWA Nova Choice4K+™ is the latest member of MWA’s high precision, safe, claw-free and sprocketless, continuous motion capstan drive transports. It uses MWA Nova’s patented laser technology to identify perforations, counter picture jump at splices, and to steady the image during transfer.

This new member of the table-top MWA Choice™ family highlights the upgradability of the scanners, a trait shared by the larger MWA Vario series for 16mm and 35mm film. As new sensors come along, both gentle transports offer a path to higher resolutions.

MWA Nova will also show an even higher resolution, fast slide scanner, the flashslide5400+™ which turns a 35mm 2" x 2" slide into a 5456 x 4632 file in about eight seconds.

MWA's General Manager Frank Ortwein and Sales Engineer Bernhard Wanko will join flashscan8.us CEO Ted Langdell to answer customer questions, and guide them through hands-on with equipment.

Archival quality video recorders from Zin! VTRWorks will also be on working display, coupled to a special Boland Communications LCD monitor that shows Quad and Helical videotape artifacts heretofore visible only with CRT monitors.

For more information during NAB 2014, visit Lower South Hall, SL-13610.

Before during and after, check the flashscan8.us/MWA virtual booth on the www.NABShow.com website, call flashscan8.us CEO Ted Langdell at (530) 301-2931, e-mail ted <at> flashscan8.us or visit the redesigned website at http://www.flashscan8.us.


AMD, Blackmagic Design, Fusion-io, and LumaForge to Demonstrate World's Fastest 4K Video Workstation at NAB 2014.

Combining the Blistering Performance of the New AMD FirePro™ W9100 Professional Graphics with the High-End Functionality of Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve™ Color Grading Software and the Lightning Speed of the Fusion ioFX Memory Tier, LumaForge will demonstrate the World's Fastest Real-Time 4K Video Processing Workstation at the 2014 NAB Expo.

LOS ANGELES March 27 2014

As announced on Wednesday March 26, 2014, AMD will be releasing a new version of their flagship professional FirePro graphic card. The FirePro W9100 graphics represents the latest innovation in multi-core, high throughput OpenCL graphics processing. AMD and its solution partners are pleased to be demonstrating the new professional graphics in action at this coming NAB Expo to be held in Las Vegas from April 7 -10. Visit the AMD booth at #SL10405 to see the demonstration.

For full specifications of the FirePro W9100 graphics cards visit the AMD Press Room at: http://www.amd.com/US/ABOUTAMD/NEWSROOM/PRESSRELEASES/Pages/products-releases.aspx

The combination of AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics with DaVinci Resolve and the ioFX memory tier offers tremendous benefits in terms of processing and delivering 4K content. "The new AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics was designed for the most demanding workflows and delivers the ultimate 4K experience in next-generation workstations," says Mike Smith, manager, Industry Solutions, AMD professional graphics. "We've been working closely with digital content creation professionals around the world to ensure that AMD delivers the highest performing 4K graphics engine in the most efficient form factor. Our advanced professional graphics technologies are second to none and combined with our long tradition of world class graphics engineering means that AMD is the leading company delivering powerful and cost-effective solutions for the heavy demands of 4K video processing."

CEO of LumaForge, Neil Smith continues, "At NAB 2014, the M&E industry will take the 4K wave to the next level of adoption and deployment. To meet the demanding requirements of 4K acquisition, processing and delivery, LumaForge will demonstrate the 'ULTRA RAWpower' digital creation and finishing workstation. At the core of this high-performance 4K video engine is the Open CL enabled FirePro W9100. The advanced AMD FirePro technology was the obvious choice when we were designing the best-in-breed 4K DaVinci Resolve finishing workstation."

The 'ULTRA RAWpower' finishing workstation integrates the market leading Blackmagic Design's 4K video input and output breakout boxes as well as leveraging the rich functionality of the DaVinci Resolve color correction system. The result is proof of a deep engineering and marketing relationship between Blackmagic Design and AMD that demonstrates that high functionality color correction and finishing systems are no longer the sole domain of the high priced proprietary closed architecture vendors. By adhering to published IT standards like PCIe 3.0, HD SDI 3G and 6G plus OpenCL, Blackmagic Design delivers world-class professional products that are affordable by all. DaVinci Resolve?s world leading Power Windows functionality takes full advantage of the incredible power of the FirePro W9100 professional graphics to deliver real-time performance event when using multiple grading nodes.

Utilizing low latency ioFX solutions from Fusion-io as a new memory tier, the 'ULTRA RAWpower' workstation is easily able to handle the 2400 MB/s data throughput required for processing 4K 10bit DPX files at 23.98 frames per second. Each ioFX delivers 1.4Gb/s throughput and products can be aggregated to deliver linear scaling. The 'ULTRA RAWpower' workstation is a great example of how an integrator like LumaForge can take the Fusion ioFX and create a world-class 4K processing machine, said Vincent Brisebois, Fusion-io Director of Visual Computing. "Traditional workstations cannot effectively process 4K workloads and greatly limit the freedom to create, move, and manage digital content. The ioFX utilizes flash memory as a new memory tier to ensure near instantaneous response times when working with uncompressed 4K workflows."

In the South Hall Lower Level at Booth #10405, AMD, Blackmagic Design, Fusion-io and LumaForge will demonstrate the latest in high performance 4K workstations. The 'ULTRA RAWpower' finishing workstation incorporating the next generation FirePro W9100 professional graphics enables the processing and delivery of multiple streams of 4K content at the best price possible.

For more information about AMD and its products, visit www.amd.com

For more information about Blackmagic Design and its products, visit www.blackmagicdesign.com.

For more information about Fusion-io and its products, visit www.fusionio.com.

For more information about LumaForge and its 'ULTRA RAWpower' workstation, visit http://www.lumaforge.com www.lumaforge.com.

AMD and FirePro are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.. 'Power Windows' is the trademark of Blackmagic Design. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


Workflowers will show the new clone functionality on CPGP plugins for Autodesk Lustre We'll also discuss opportunities on new cloud strategies for collaborative workflows and Remote Production Support, our on-demand solution to help configuring your workflow remotely. If you want to arrange a meeting please contact cedric <at> workflowers.net Check www.workflowers.net and www.cpgp.nu


NAB Booth South Hall Lower - 10021

At NAB 2014 Bluefish444 will showcase its 4K 60p SDI preview from Assimilate SCRATCH & SCRATCH LAB v8. A new plug in was developed by Bluefish444 in collaboration with Assimilate to display 4K 48, 50, 59, & 60fps SDI preview using Bluefish444’s Epoch 4K Supernova or Epoch Supernova S+ video cards.

Bluefish444 will also be displaying 4K 60p SDI preview from Adobe Premiere, and demonstrating a live 4K 60p SDI capture from a Sony F55 digital cinema camera using Marquise M.I.S.T. software.

Bluefish444 will also demonstrate its Symmetry digital intermediate software at NAB 2014. Symmetry captures and plays out 10 bit DPX and Cineon files using Epoch video cards for telecine & other 4:4:4 i/o workflows.


Booth South Hall Lower – 1105 (Ultimatte Booth)

Booth South Hall Lower – 1519 (Red Digital Cinema)

SolidAnim will introduce the latest version of its SolidTrack solution for the film and broadcast industries at NAB. SolidAnim SolidTrack was used successfully on Da Vinci’s Demons in 2012 and is currently being used by Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (2014).

SolidTrack is an innovative real-time markerless tracking and previz solution for recording camera moves and data logging of camera moves on the virtual set. It allows the tracking of all camera types as well as the overview of special effects in real time while shooting. SolidTrack captures in real time the position and orientation of the film camera, including intrinsic parameters such as variable focal lenses (zoom).

SolidTrack is highly mobile and can be set up quickly (15 minutes) whether indoors or outdoors, and tracks instantly on any new setup. The light solution is comprised of one cable and one survey camera weighing less than 150 g (~1 lb). SolidTrack does not need any visible markers when shooting, even on a green screen, and is compatible with additional external information such as encoders and gyros. "On set" tracking of SolidTrack can be exported in FBX format for helping the final post-production camera tracking.

SolidTrack brings a new approach providing a more ergonomic and intuitive solution dedicated to camera tracking and visualization of complex VFX shots, dealing with green screen compositing, 3D rendering, and complex camera moves. Producers achieve greater control of VFX budgets and timescales, minimizing wastage and ensuring efficient delivery, from previz to the final movie or television show. Comparing to traditional shooting methods producers save approximately 30% time on a film or television show utilizing SolidTrack.

NAB 2014 Exhibit List / Colorists & Post

--courtesy Marc Wielage

Adobe (Premiere, SpeedGrade, etc.) - SL2600/2700/2900

AMD (video cards and processors) - SL10405

Autodesk (Lustre) - SL3319

Arri (Alexa/Amira cameras) - C4337

Avid (editing & color/conform) - SU902 / S232LMR / S233LMR

Barco (projectors) - S209LMR

Blackmagic (DaVinci Resolve) - SL219

Boland (monitors) - SL4905

Canon (monitors & cameras) - C3628 & C4325

Christie Digital (projectors) - SL5819 / SL5822

Codex Digital (on-set recording) - C6048

Datacolor (monitor calibration) - C12434

Digital Film Technology (scanners) - SL15123

Digital Vision (Nucoda color) - SL6026

Dolby Labs (monitors) - S215LMR / SU1702

Dot Hill (storage) - SL13905

Eizo (monitors) - SL13916

Facilis Technology (storage) - SL7610

Flanders Scientific (monitors) - SL3929

Flashscan8 (scanners) - SL13610

The Foundry (plug-ins/VFX) - SL6329

G-Technology (storage) - SL9005

GenArts (plug-ins) - SL4225

Ikegami (monitors) - C7725

Klein Instruments (colorimeter) - SL15216

Lacie (storage) - SL9927

Marquise Technologies (Mist & OFX plug-ins) - SL 12507

Marshall Electronics (monitors) - C6019

Maxx Digital (storage) - SL13005

MTI Film (dailies/DRS) - SL15510

Muller HD (scanner) - SL15408

Panasonic (cameras & monitors) - C3607

ProMax (storage) - SU621E1 / SL5422

Promise Technology (storage) - SL5329

Quantel (Pablo color) - SL1600MR / SL2109

Red Digital Cinema (cameras) - SL1519

Red Giant (color looks) - SL3729

ReVision (plug-ins) - SL3429

SGO (Mistika color) - SL9021

Sonnet Technology (storage) - SL10824

Sony (monitors & cameras) - C11001

Spectracal (calibration) - SL14516

TVLogic (monitors) - SL6605

YoYotta(dailies) - SL13718

Assimilate [Maxx Digital, Eizo, Sony, Panasonic, Codex]

Baselight/Filmlight [Codex, Dolby, The Foundry, Sony]

Lightspace [at FSI & Klein & SGO]


This from Peter Postma at FilmLight:

I can confirm that all of us at FilmLight will be getting our exercise in Vegas, demonstrating at five different locations at NAB per the press release on our website. We'll have staff at Codex, Dolby, Sony, and the CineSys Oceana for the entire show and look forward to seeing everyone. The Dolby Vision demonstration will be in a private demo area on their booth but you're welcome to contact me off-list to setup an appointment, anyone who hasn't had the chance to grade on a 4000nit monitor should come check it out. Our full colour managed workflow from on-set to finishing will be on display at the Codex booth, no appointment needed.

[all corrections and additions should be directed to the TIG admin, rob <at> colorist.org, thank you.]

--Rob Lingelbach (talk) 16:52, 5 April 2014 (UTC)