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clean up old mediawiki installs!

format neil's cintel page. incorporate photos from George, Peter, et al?

Update the wiki, and incorporate more fully SMW; check if latest python is dependency

Useful Reference Links: error?

June 9 2013: because TableEdit is failing due to a schema update that was missed at some point, I need to update MW to 1.21.1 (good current version) and then update schema. but "Validator" is giving me problems during the php update.php .

find places for: (see code) Latest Features: TIG T shirts at NAB, Colorist Directory, 1,640-name Color Picker and nomenclature tool

start historical colorist area modeled after the colorist directory. include especially map pointers to where they worked or still work; their bona fides; what they're doing now Nov 2010 started; semantic drilldown in development

enable the mikey stuff

  • create descendants chart for markets.... use semantic forms? like the colorist directory

find another draw app; anywikidraw is whiting out entire page, don't use. Nov 2010

automate mysql db dump

automate the tig posting stats wiki page (done manually for now with contrib/stats)

*GPG TIG mailinglist in beta key prob in contact with developers Feb 2009

Gnuplot - for posting stats (see 'stats' under contrib in mailman dir) config info at for wiki time scale. August 2009

Jim Mann reports Quiz code broken, MW 1.15.1 not supporting extension, bug reported, am tracing diags Sep 2009

GeoHack merge this gis extension; seems to want wikipedia page?; offers multiple mapping options. Grabbed 1.0. Dense. Sep 2009

Continue to fix flashvars for image on reels site individual reels Sep 2009

swish-e indexing out of cron prob, how to log the indexing. , swish-e exclusion of Next: and Previous: html in progress Oct 2009 (see done log for major fix)

Rewrite FAQ to include The Desktop Colorist Oct 2009

Continue looking at Google Gadgets, other widgets for Sergey's widget-ator. Oct 2009

easy wiki timeline - extensive. Nov 2009

Multiple points in Semantic Maps : Nov 2009

Facility Table planned: nicer template (lose blue links, darken background.) Jan 2010

swish-e indexing out of cron prob, how to log the indexing (ParserWarn). for now, indexing manually works fine. Feb 2010

opensimulator and Second Life; drupal; dreamwidth(errors) and its precursor. Feb 2010

explore how to offer .ics files from the wiki calendar April 2010

see if there are more reasons to include tweets further up in the TIG space. April 2010

link Posting stats page into somewhere April 2010

why the Smarty error in the logs ? April 2010

fix images/ non-appear on rob.html

update dissolving logos April 2012

do a new TIG hosts map

update reels section to bring into wiki space; create pages for the new streaming reels

"random" tag is failing randomly

upgrade mw version then add awc extension

WikiForum installed but not working (see )

grab all images from wiki3/images and decide which to publish

after careful update to 1.20.2, images don't display. rebuildImages doesn't help. will ask on mediawiki forum

--Rob Lingelbach (talk) 01:15, 29 May 2014 (UTC)