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International Colorist Academy


The International Colorist Academy (ICA) provides training for colorists by colorists and offers a range of courses on a range of systems. Some classes are not product specific and of value to colorists on any grading system. Classes are delivered by freelance colorists located around the world and are available as both open sessions and on site bookings. The ICA issues certificates for completion of each course.

For more information, including course outlines and dates please visit our web site or email us

Web site:
Email: Info



Filmlight has all of their documentation available on the web

Also check out Paul Lears site

(from September 2009 posting to the TIG by Bob Festa)


{{#Click: LOGO small gra-ora.JPG|200px|Digital Vision}}

I regularly run freelance training courses both in London and LA (our last one was in LA 2 weeks ago) I also ran a course for some users in Australia in November last year.

I create these courses around our current demo material, and provide the material, full instruction manuals, and DVD's.

If you are interested I could send you a manual, I could also send you names of recent attendees as references.

Contact me at my DV address if you want more info.

Nigel Hadley - Director of Training Digital Vision UK - Nucoda Product Unit

Nigel Hadley <nigel.hadley at>

UK Mbl +44 (0) 783188 4224

London Office LA Office Swedish Office t +44 (0)20 7734 8282 t +1 818 769 8111 t +46 (0) 85592 5903 f +44 (0)20 7292 6969 c +1 310 210 7426 [20090805]

Autodesk (Lustre)


[the following comes from a TIG post, August 2009 --TIG admin]

For Lustre, in addition to the classroom training there is also a pretty tremendous self-paced section online at: (It's really an autodesk link, I just shortened it so as not to break it via email - the link in the original post is broken now, unfortunately.)

They'll also do private one-on-one or group training sessions at your facility or theirs. The best email if you have questions or want schedules/prices is

Hope this helps! -Scott

-- Scott Malkie Richmond, Virginia

[note from TIG admin: the following information, as noted above, might have expired]

Autodesk offers Lustre classroom training in Los Angeles, London and several offices in Asia. The classroom course follows an intensive 3 day "Lustre Overview" curriculum. We also offer in-depth onsite training that can be tailored to individual needs. All courses come with manuals, user guides, pre-built sample projects and media to get you started.

Online you can find a mini-tutorial: based on a presentation from this past IBC given by Video Lab colorist Brett Manson. feel free to contact me if you require further information.


David Mizraki Product Manager Autodesk, Media & Entertainment

Course listing here:

Depending on the term, there may be courses on Apple Color, Lustre, Da Vinci, and Digital Color Theory.

Rob Lingelbach 02:31, 23 March 2010 (UTC)