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Color Science

Wide Gamut-Displays from Charles Poynton

General Color Information (very extensive list of references)

Color Science and Theory (extremely thorough list of references)

Color and Computers (same source as above; references galore)

Contrast Sensitivity Function - this page explains the contrast sensitivity function with an illustrated demonstration.

Lightness Perception and Lightness Illusions- this site contains an academic paper with an explanation for our lightness perception (the way we perceive the reflectance of surfaces). There are illustrated demonstrations.

67 Visual illusions and Visual Phenomena- demonstrations of visual illusions, with fairly easy to understand explanations and academic references.

Standard Color Spaces - an introduction to commonly used color spaces and units aimed at the film and post industry.

Color Conversion (RGB, YUV, CMYK etc.)

Color Space tutorials

Color Space Intro Page from Prof. Hoffman - Very informative link for in depth discussions of color space in print, sRGB, and wide gamut systems. Posted on line by Prof.G.Hoffmann, member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences in Emden, Germany. This is the introduction page. Posted by Dave Corbitt with the permission of the author.

Index of color space documents - More from Prof. Hoffman. This page is an index of extensive documents for color space discussions. Very informative, good graphics explaining 3-D color space in great depth. Posted by Dave Corbitt with the permission of the author.

Color Nomenclature

an interactive color-naming tool, Name That Color

another interactive color-naming tool, useful for color blindness and nomenclature

Research on colour words

web-based (css?) colour naming.

Farrow and Ball Colours do you know the difference between 'Dead Salmon' and 'Smoked Trout' ?

From Richard Kirk:

I found a reference to Kelly and Judd's Dictionary of Color Names (1955). I think the Kelly is the same one that came up with the color name chart in 1935 (this from memory, so the date may be wrong). Anyhow, I did a quick web search and found this...

Color Dictionaries

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Test Charts, Test Chart Generator Program

Calibrating Video Monitors

Calibrating Video Monitors from Synthetic Aperture

Why Whites May Not Match

Jim Mann's Reference Materials

Popular DPX Sizes

Set Counter Shortcup for the DaVinci 2KPLUS

DaVinci 2K VSR Recovery

Color Coded KeyKode Chart

from Jim Mann

Open Source Color Management systems

CinePaint and various other CM open source software

Read about Glasgow

GraphicsMagick provides a set of commandline tools and programming APIs (including C, C++, and Perl) for manipulating, editing, and converting raster and vector images. It is derived from ImageMagick, with the objective of providing a stable code base. Supports DPX and Kodak Cineon formats. Bob Friesenhahn, the maintainer of Graphics Magick, is available on the TIG mailinglist.

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Glossaries of Terms

The Quantel Digital Factbook

Glossary for Colorists

How to Talk to a Colorist

How to Talk to a Colorist forwarded by TL

Digital Cameras (from Marc Wielage)

  • RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera by Noah Kadner published by Peachpit Press [ISBN #0321617681]

(more a general guide to producers and post people using the Red)

  • plus John Galt's technical white paper report:

The Truth About 2K, 4K, and the Future of Pixels

  • Rian Johnson's report:

Red Facts: Straight Talk on the Technical Realities of the Red Camera

  • Daron Keet's comparison:

The Red One Camera -- Through the Crosshairs of my Eyepiece

(the above references are from a posting to the TIG on September 13, 2009 from Marc Wielage, Cinesound/LA)

Grading Workflow by Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw discusses grading workflow

Product Reviews

Jack James' DI systems reviews (plus reviews of other software)

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