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My first experience with film to video was at TV station KOAI in Flagstaff, Arizona. We had a RCA TK-26 pointed at a multiplexer island. A dual drum TP7 slide projector was used for station IDs, PSAs and commercials - synchronized by cue tones from NAB audio carts. Also pointed at the multiplexer were a pair of 16mm Bell Howell projectors. We ran commercials, PSAs and even locally shot and developed news footage. Audio could be from either optical or mag track. I could thread, cue, play on air, strip and rewind 30 second spots back to back on those two projectors. That may account for a certain amount of twitchiness observed to this day.

Worked on telecines in Hollywood from 1983 to 2003. Currently an independant broadcast and media systems designer based in Southern California.

Wiki Work


Revived part of the previous (Twiki) TkHistory pages containing information from Peter Swinson.

  1. BairdSpotlightScanner
  2. BairdCrystalPalaceControlRoomAnnotated

Semantic Project

TV Production Formats

TV Production Formats table. This is a query of semantic properties embedded in pages on this Wiki. See Category:TV Production Formats for pages containing the properties used as the database.

Express CML Film's TV Production Formats list as semantic annotation. Goal is to produce a query-able form to allow lookup of the details of a TV show by title, by acquisition media and perhaps by acquisition device (D21, film etc.)

Discussion at Talk:Sandbox/dlt_Semantic_content_test

Other Semantic Projects


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