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Colorist/Product Specialist

Jim Mann/Film Colorist
Jim in Niagra Falls NY with Nikola Tesla

Email me at: Jim Mann

Jim's work on the web

Jim Mann/Bio

Jim has knowledge of these Color Correction platforms:

  • daVinci 2K PLUS(Certified Instructor)
  • Nucoda Film Master
  • daVinci Resolve

Help Tidbits

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Popular DPX sizes
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Film Counter Macro

{{#Click:}} Set Counter Shortcut for the daVinci 2KPLUS

VSR Recovery Help

VSR recover t.jpg
DaVinci 2K+ VSR Recovery Page to help you recover your VSRs after a crash.

Color Coded KeyKode Chart

Key Kode SM.jpg

Color Coded KeyKode Chart

Jim in Prague’s Wenceslas Square
Jim on the Bund in Shanghai
Jim on the Great Wall
Jim on the road of the Battan Death March

Dailies Colorist for:

  • Generation Um-DP Mauricio Rubinstein <Super16> (2010) ...
  • Something Borrowed-DP Charles Minsk <35mm 3 Perf> (2010)
  • The Imperialists are Still Alive-DP Magela Crosignani <Super 16mm> (2009)
  • An Invisible Sign of My Own-DP Lisa Rinzler <35mm 3-Perf> (2008)
  • Loving Leah DP Chuck Minsky ASC <35mm 3-Perf> (2008) Aired on CBS 1/25/09
  • All Good Things- DP Michael Seresin <35mm 3-Perf> (2008)
  • The Education of Charlie Banks- Alex Nepomniaschy DP (2006) Winner: Made In NY Award Tribeca Film Festival (2009)
  • Vicious Kind -DP Brad Stonesifer <35mm 3-Perf> Sundance 2009 (2008)
  • HBO “The Wire” Dailies – Season 5 <35mm 3-Perf> (2007)(Co-Colorist)
  • PBS/Steeplechase Films “We Shall Remain: Tecumseh”<S16mm> Ric Burns, Dir. (2007)
  • Peter and Vandy -DP Frank DeMarco <S16mm> Sundance 2009 (2007)
  • Under New Management-DP Pete Biagi <35mm 3 Perf> (2007)
  • Shoot First and Pray You Live- Winner: The Independent Spirit Award Santa Fe Film Festival DP-Robert Bruce McCleery <35mm 2-Perf technoscope> 2007)
  • Against the Current, <Super 16MM> Sean Kirby DP -Sundance 2009(2007)
  • Universal Pictures “The Bourne Ultimatum” – NY Unit (Co-Colorist) <35mm> Oliver Wood DP(2007)
  • BUICK RIVERA <Super 16mm> Igor Martinovic DP(2007)
  • Import/Export <Super 16mm> Ed Lachman DP and Wolfgang Thaler DP (2005-6)
  • Paramount Pictures "The Stepford Wives"- Rob Hahn DP (2004)
  • Paramount Pictures "The Manchurian Candidate"- Tak Fujimoto DP (2004)
  • The Village-Roger Deakin- DP (2004)
  • The Honeydripper- Dick Pope BSC (2006)

Mastering Colorist for:

  • Still Point Pictures "Nowhere Kids" DP-Reed Morano Tribebca Film Festival(2009)
  • GreenBox Films/The Discovery Channel The Music LessonWinner-Women’s International Film and Arts Festival Best North American Documentary DP: Gary Grieg (1080i)(2009)
  • National Geographic Explorer "Congo Bush Pilots" 1080i (2008)
  • "Notes on Marie Menken" A Film (Doc)by Martina Kudlacek (2006)
    • "[A] Handsome tribute... Interviews with various avant-garde luminaries help to excavate Menken's memory and reputation from the footnotes of film history while clips and entire reels of her rarely seen oeuvre are intercut. Beautifully transferred clips."—Variety
  • Bud Greenspan's "Lillehammer: 16 Days of Glory" Winner-1995 International Monitor Award for Best Color Correction in a Documentary
  • Agnieszka Holland's “Europa, Europa” Winner: Golden Globe “Best Foreign Film” (1993) MGM/UA Home Entertainment
  • Blood Brothers: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
  • Svetozar Ristovski’s “Mirage” (2005) Winner: Best feature, Anchorage International Film festival
  • Angelina Maccarone’s “Fremde Haut" ("Alien Skin") (2005)
  • Children of Fate: Life and Death in a Sicilian Family (1993) Nominated: 1994 Academy Award, Best Documentary Feature, & Winner: Best Documentary, 1993 Sundance Film Festival
  • Hal Hartly's "Flirt"
  • James Mangold's "Heavy" Winner: Grand Prix Asturias, Best feature
  • Woody Allen's "Don't Drink the Water"
  • Bud Greenspan's "Atlanta's Olympic Glory"
  • Whit Stillman's "The Last Day's of Disco"

Short Format:

  • US Open (USTA) Rivalry/Sisters
  • Mazda RX8 and MX5 Miata (2007)
  • Toyota/Camry “Rescue” (2006)
  • Volkswagen/KFC/Taco Bell/Secret Deodorant/Suzuki/Pizza Hut/Ritz Crackers

Episodic Colorist:

  • "SOKO Wien" (2005) [TV-Series]
  • "Hack" (2002) [TV-Series 2002-2004]

Contact Info