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The TKColorist Internet Group Wiki will be moving into the Semantic Wiki Space and incorporating the changes made since Tim Berners-Lee began the SMW design in 2001. The changes will take time as they are not built into core mediawiki but into dependent extensions. It is this developer's opinion that the mediawiki framework allows already for more advanced capacities than the various user-created (blog) systems, and provides that framework for the future. See the Semantic-Media-Wiki webpage for more information.

These are the pages for the TKColorist Internet Group Wiki. The TIG consists of this wiki and the TIG mailinglist with about 2000 subscribers. The TIG is a professional group of colorists, engineers, facility managers and others involved with all aspects of color grading. Newcomers are welcome, in presence and in streaming. Since 1991.

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Andreas at TIG truck spotted

This photo was submitted by Andreas at, who had this to say about it: "My father in law was recently on a trip in South America. On his way over the Andes to Chile he sent home a photo that caught my interest. Rob, is that your mobile telecine truck?"


Annika Pehrson's reel on Vimeo

Tom Rovak's reel on Vimeo

If you'd like to use RSS to track, for example, The TIG Wiki Classifieds click on the RSS feed in your browser's URL box on that page.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.
The TKColorist Internet Group has always run on a Unix platform. More information can be found on the TIG History page.

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