[Tig] HD-CAM to inferno - bad reults

Grant Petty grantpetty
Sat Dec 1 13:38:16 GMT 2001


As far as I know, HD cam uses DV compression, and the image is divided 
up into standard definition streams which are then processed by multiple 
DV codecs. The resultant compressed video data is then combined from the 
separate codecs, and then recorded to tape.

It's kind of like the DV camera of HDTV. I need to check on this, but I 
believe this is how its done.

DV compression is nicer than JPEG, but it's fairly heavy, and that would 
account for your problems. HDCAM is also 8 bit, while HD-D5 uses less 
compression, and is 10 bit.

This is a little off topic, but the Panasonic guys told me they market 
the DVC-HD products into the pro market, while the HD-D5 is targeted to 
the high end post production market, because the image quality is much 


Grant Petty.
Blackmagic Design

On Saturday, December 1, 2001, at 04:30  AM, Altenried, Thomas wrote:

> We use HDCAM to capture HD-material in inferno and vice versa. As 
> par-ser
> converters we use Miranda. The result is bad, noisy... With other 
> equipment
> (HD-D5, HDStation) the results are much better.
> Any suggestions from the experts?

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