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Rob Lingelbach rob
Sun Dec 2 19:08:03 GMT 2001

I wanted to express a few ideas about what we can do as a
community to improve communication and the exchange of ideas.

Consider that your words are read by one thousand or more
people in the field, most of whom would be happy to give advice
and share information in a pleasant manner.  There's a scenario I
like to use, an auditorium filled with (somewhat noisy)
colleagues at every level of experience in front of whom I'm
going to ask a question or make a statement.  If my statement is
specious, it bears correction, but not remonstrance.  If my
question is less than perfectly phrased or shows I have little
familiarity with the subject, let it be an opportunity to share
helpful advice.  

We have people from every point in time on the line of career
skill and experience in the TIG.

Please feel free to ask whatever question or state whatever
viewpoint you like, just be as polite as you would be in any 
public situation.

No question is too stupid, someone will always be here to help,
this an ongoing seminar in telecine and color correction on every 
level, from entry- to advanced.

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