[Tig] green in YUV

C.J. Scheppers cjs
Mon Dec 3 06:18:15 GMT 2001


The Y is monochrome luminance which is compatible with monochrome displays
(black & white) and which amplitude is the addition of the luma values of
the red, green and blue information.  The U and V are color difference
signals which are approximately derived from Y-R (luminance minus red) and
Y-B (luminance minus blue).  If Y-R is subtracted algebraicly (in a simple
differential circuit) from Y, then Red is produced.  If Y-B is subtracted
algebraicly from Y, then Blue is produced.  If Red and Blue are then
subtracted from Y (luminance value), then Green is produced.

There is much more to say about RGB, YIQ and YUV systems, their allowable
bandwidths and voltage/bit depths, and if there is any subcarrier involved.

C.J. Scheppers

At 8:30 PM 12/2/01, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>how do I explain succinctly "where the green comes from" in
>YUV colorspace?  (i've looked at several web sources and don't
>find it).
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