[Tig] Spirit xenon lamp

Ivor Westpfahl ivorw
Thu Dec 6 06:29:17 GMT 2001

Has anyone had a xenon lamp that will not strike when the machine has been
off for a few hours.  I have to install a new lamp, run the machine till
it's warm, and then change back to the other lamp before the power supply
cools down, and then the lamp works fine.  The suspect lamp is about 3
months old and this is the second time round.  The first time I suspected
the lamp but I think the problem lies with the lamp power supply.
Has anyone done any work on the xenon lamp supply?

Ivor Westpfahl
Senior Engineer
The Video Lab
South Africa
27 11 293 3000 (Office)
27 82 554 8016 (Mobile)


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