[Tig] DGS (UK) Ltd. status?

Mikko Kuutti mikko.kuutti
Fri Dec 7 09:46:37 GMT 2001

Hi folks!

We've done some business with DGS (UK) Ltd over the last year. We bought 
their Quattroscan enhancement kit and some other stuff for our venerable 
MkIII (serial # 106).

We're not too happy about the service they provided. Their new frame 
time base board changes picture size in run mode when switching between 
16/35 mm, so we'd actually need to buy a zoom card to make the system 
useful. This they neglected to tell us at the time of the sale. Also, 2 
sets of PTR rollers are still backordered after 10 months.

Anyway, I'm now once again trying to contact them in order to try and 
put things right, but their web site seems to have closed down, likewise 
their phone.

Does anyone know something about the status of the company? I would also 
appreciate knowledgeable comments about the MkIII/Quattroscan 
combination in general.

-- Mikko Kuutti
-- Deputy Director
-- Finnish Film Archive
-- tel. +358 9 6154 0254, gsm +358 40 511 8766
-- mikko.kuutti at sea.fi

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