[Tig] Green Screen / HD / Super 16 & The ITK Millenium.

Dick Hobbs dick
Fri Dec 14 07:40:17 GMT 2001

Phil asks about different colours in a green screen shot. Well, that I am
afraid is just what the real world is like. Green screens, because they are
a physical material, are not perfectly, uniformly green. Neither is the
light perfectly, uniformly white, nor the shooting lens perfectly, uniformly
linear and free from chromatic aberrations, however expensive.

You can say the same about ITK?s scanning CRT, lens assembly and digital
electronics, but that is not where to put the blame. Any good telecine would
achieve the same results. It is not pixel noise: it is an accurate transfer
of the film. Arguably too good for the purpose.

That is why there is a whole lot of difference in price between a top
quality keyer/matter and Adobe Photoshop: they need to apply some digital
intelligence to the process, not simply replace anything green with a key.


Dick Hobbs

As ever, not connected with ITK in any way. Delphi has even stopped buying
me lunch. 

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