[Tig] Green Screen / HD / Super 16 & The ITK Millenium.

James Mann jfmann
Fri Dec 14 14:22:04 GMT 2001

Phil Stuart-Jones wrote:



>When we delve into the pixels of a green screen 
> shot, we've found that the green area comprises of various hues 
> (blue/yellow/pink/and mainly green). As this is our first experiment 
> with HD output, We're wondering if this pixel variation is usual with 
> the ITK machines? snip

Hi Phil,
Before we blame the telecine. I have a question or two. What can you 
tell us about the S-16 OCN that was used. What was the speed? How was 
the exposure? Kodak or Fuji?
Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist
jfmann at optonline.net
New York

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