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Subject: [Tig] BTS XD ST NR?

> Does anyone know anything about the BTS XD ST NR?  It's a 4:2:2 Noise
> reducer, looks like a descendant of the old FD-GR.  Parallel digital I/O.
> Any idea where it fits in with the MNR 9 and 11?  Was it meant for
> telecine use or tape-to-tape?

Yes, this is a 601 in 601 out parallel noise reducer.
It has just noise / grain reduction. It has no contour, nor dirt - scratch
correction.  The built in  control panel has a setting for 3,5,7 and 10 DB
of noise reduction. The unit can be set internally set to go up to 18db of
reduction. The common Model # is DNR7, but it full name is XD ST NR 7.

It was very popular to put on Rank Cintel telcines to fix noise - grain


Dave Sargent

Thomson multimedia

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