[Tig] state of telecine?

Rob Lingelbach rob
Sat Dec 29 00:07:57 GMT 2001

I'd like to gather some opinions from telecine professionals and others about
the state of the telecine business.  Not technical information but rather
information on business increasing, dropping, moving to non-film origination,
etc.  The feeling I get in general for the US, and that seems to have been the
case for the past 5 years or so, is revenues have dropped.  I don't have a
feeling for the UK, but for elsewhere in the world I get the impression that
business is slightly better lately.

Facility owners, producers and the like are not apt to admit to the public, and
certainly not to their competitors who read the TIG, if business is down, so I
don't expect any such reports to hit this mailinglist.  And anyway there are often
facilities that will do well no matter what the overall trend; I'm not into any
kind of competition here.

Normally I distrust email 'surveys' (in fact they're discouraged here) because 
often the surveyor is hiding an agenda.   But in this case it would be just a 
reportorial exercise ... since I'm not now working directly in telecine, 
I could possibly be considered less biased than one who is. 

Opinions and responses will be kept completely confidential unless explicit
permission is given to publish, this I recognize as the only way to get some
real information.   (i'll have to read up on what the nytimes does)

If anyone is concerned about potential liability from their superiors or
whomever, they are welcome to post anonymously to the 'bragbook', or unbragbook
as it might turn out to be.  http://www.alegria.com/tig3/bragbook.html
..anonymous sources would be indicated in the results, if responses warrant a 
summary, as I hope they do.

Rob Lingelbach, System Administrator, Computer Animation Lab
California Institute of the Arts        
rob at film.calarts.edu      

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