[Tig] HDCAM for 2.35 (again!)

TPWPG tpwpg
Fri Nov 2 19:10:34 GMT 2001

Dick writes-
> I think that is the point I am making. The technical case is very clear:
> this will always look terrible. But the director is going to
> places like the
> Sundance Film Festival and telling everyone that you cannot tell the
> difference between it and 35mm. And some at least will believe him.

Of course the director says this- can he say he doesn't think his movie
looks great, or that he isn't on the front edge of creative change in his
People who don't consider the source get what they deserve too. Journalists
keep quoting Lucas and never point out his financial stake in the
What kind of measurement would be appropriate?
Where is the science to figure out how much resolution is enough? In the
post environment and in distribution?

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