[Tig] hd "formats"

Greg Dildine greg.dildine
Mon Nov 5 19:39:57 GMT 2001

Can someone please clarify (again) the 59.94 vs 60, 29.97 vs 30, and 23.98 vs 24 rate "thing" again as it relates to "filming" with Sony's HDCAM F900 camcorder (for example) and the resulting posting issues those working in HD for a while now have had to deal.

My "assumption" is that one chooses the "10th of a percent slow" rates if release and post is to be mainly in 601 land (downconverted)?  For example, we just got some 29.97Psf that we've "simply" downconverted to 601 via Sony's HDWF500 with the optional HDKV501a board (this is all they wanted to do and aren't even going to color correct... they're saving money here... that's why they shot tape! Oh boy...)  

Back to my TECHNICAL question...
Could the dp have recorded at 30Psf and what benefits or PROBLEMS would/could result?  I'm assuming that they picked the 29.97Psf "rate" for a temporal resolution close to film (30fps), and progressive to avoid interlace artifacts and temporal differences, and avoided 60i (or 59.94i) to also avoid other interlace and temporal differences, and avoided 24 (23.98) to avoid 3:2 (which our UK friends point out is not part of the film-to-tape "aesthetic" anyway in their part of the world).

I know this "rounding" 29.97 to 30 while speaking is prevalent, I also know the differences make a difference.


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