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>Are there penalties paid later in dynamic range when your first recording
>done without taking advantage of the full range?

Theoretically yes, but in practice it doesn't account for much, as long as
you don't "under do" the transfer from film.
The idea is to give yourself the same lattitude that you have off the neg;
ie. a couple of stops that allow you to keep the detail. The idea isn't to
do a flat grade, it just happens that to maintain the OCN detail in the
video realm (not clip whites or crush blacks), you end up with an
undersaturated, dull picture. In the tape to tape you can then push it back
and clip the highlights if that's the look that's desired.

You'll find that most episodic TV is done this way and it's the same theory
behind film scanning, just that you have more headroom to play with in the
data realm.

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