[Tig] RE: Compressed Grade Transfers

Grant Petty grantpetty
Mon Nov 5 22:33:41 GMT 2001


Yes, things are not as bad as the old analog days where you needed to 
obtain an accurate signal level down on tape. such as 1" formats etc. 
(seems so long ago now!)

To high a level and you got distortion, and to low level, and you got 
lost in the tape noise.

Now because everything is digital it's not so bad, and the main concern 
is bit depth, and the ability to transport the "flat" grade with enough 
quantizing steps so when the video is color corrected back into a 
"normal" grade you don't get contouring.

I know the audio guys have a issue with this, and is why they pushed 
from 16 bit to 20 and beyond. I guess we have a big advantage with 10 
bit now, over 8.


Blackmagic Design.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2001, at 06:39  AM, Rob Lingelbach wrote:

> Are there penalties paid later in dynamic range when your first 
> recording is
> done without taking advantage of the full range?

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