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bob at bluescreen.com bob
Mon Nov 5 23:42:52 GMT 2001

>>So if you're working in that Mix of HD & film world, how do the cameras 
>>shooting at true 30 or 24 yield a viewable "downconvert" for the "video 
>I admit, I'm not sure. Any one know?

Miranda and AJA both make relatively inexpensive very small boxes that will
accept whatever is dribbling out of the YPbPr spigots on a Sony F900 and
make SD composite (both) or component (AJA) out of it. It's not fabulous,
but certainly good enough for viewing and general assist work.

I've used the AJA to do onset bluescreen previz when money was an issue
(when the hell is money not an issue anymore?) and they didn't care whether
it was native or not.


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