[Tig] Telecine type overview

Grant Petty grantpetty
Sun Oct 7 23:36:19 BST 2001


Yes, I agree, and I have this feeling we are all amazed with the image 
quality of HD purely based on the additional resolution of the format, 
but if you exclude the resolution difference, a lot of the HD images I 
have seen from film acquisition have been rather bad. I love film, but 
the HD cameras are looking good!

Do you think we might be in a similar situation to what things might 
have been like in the 70's when color was introduced, and it must have 
looked amazing, but how much of that was based on the impact of seeing 
color compared to black and white images. Of course we all know color 
images improved over the 20-30 years since then, mostly due to SDI 
interconnects, and digital recording, which kept image quality up 
thought the post production process, and made telecine improvements 

We have SDI connections for HD now, so we don't need to worry about 
transport quality, but what kind of improvements do we expect to see in 
telecine imaging. Can any of the telecine engineering guys describe some 
of the challenges of scanning film at higher resolutions, as things seem 
very different from the results we see.

Your point on post at higher resolutions is a good point. Matte painting 
is generally done at 4K for 2K output, so post would work well with the 
same idea of using HD even when output is going to SD. The worst HD keys 
look much better after down rez to SD!

The problem is cost, and we're going to try and lower the cost of 
editing and design at HD, but tapes and disk storage is still a little 
high to be able to push doing everything at HD, even if the output is 
only SD.

It would be cool though to be able to do everything at HD, and then 
output to whatever format the client wanted. Most clients complain about 
not getting any additional revenue from HD, but they still shoot on 
film. If all post can be offered at HD, and the client does not have to 
care, it could make it much easer for them. It's just a matter of 
working out where the cost increases are in HD post, and changing things 
in that area.

What are peoples thoughts on this?



On Monday, October 8, 2001, at 02:48  AM, Jim Mann wrote:
> I was recently down under working the SMPTE convention in Sydney when I 
> saw
> a presentation by Cintel promoting the C-R's 4k scans, even for work 
> that
> ends up in SD. The demo showing that the picture quality holds up 
> better if
> you have to blow up the image or work with it in a graphics box. The
> conclusion you quickly come to is that the higher your image 
> acquisition is,
> the better it will hold up down the post production chain.

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