[Tig] Spirit Shutdown

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Fri Oct 12 19:07:27 BST 2001

A couple of additional notes:

1- Remember to keep any filters and fans clean.

I remember, way back when, at Pacific Video, we had a power surge that
caused three foot flames to come out of the back of the Ampex ESS drives.
You never saw engineers dive for circuit breakers faster!  An innordinate
amount of dust and debris had collected around the filters and fans.  One of
the fans, in retrospect, was damaged but still rotating.  The power surge
was the excuse that sucker needed to fail and it must have arced or sparked
in some fashion ... igniting all the dust on and around it.  That fan and
the other two or three blew ignited dust out the back of the drives until
there was no more dust to burn!  We all thought it was a massive failure of
the power supplies and/or beefy motor drive amplifiers.  We were looking at
days of repair work.  Imagine the surprise when it turned out to be dust and
a fan!
I'll never forget it.

2-  Make sure any power supply connections are tight and clean.

A few years back, this time at Pacific Ocean Post.  We take delivery of a
new component digital switcher (to remain nameless) and on power-up, after
sparks, smoke and a partial meltdown of components, we come to realize that
the darn screws on all the power connections to the power supply were loose.
Not a good thing when you are drawing that kind of current.

-Martin Euredjian
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