[Tig] Question for anyone familiar with a Rank IIIC with Sunburst Color Corrector

Christopher Bacon KA2IQB
Thu Oct 18 04:35:35 BST 2001

Hi Stuart,

Having had considerable experience with this combination of equipment in a
prior life, I can offer a couple of quick pointers.

First, if the Mk III transport won't budge when the machine is in "local,"
then it has issues that need to be resolved before you do anything else.
The color corrector should have come with a machine interface box that plugs
into the "Remote 1" sockets on the telecine connector panel.  The box
contains a microprocessor which interfaces the color corrector's main
processor to the telecine.  However, all it does is make suitable contact
closures and shuttle control voltages when called on (and it sends lamp
tally data back to the main processor), so if the transport won't run from
the machine control panel when it is in "local," there's a good chance it
won't work from the interface box either when it is in "remote."

Secondarily, the "Source Select" connectors on the back of the main
processor are for connection to the Scanner Interface(s).  When the Sunburst
was originally designed, "telecine" usually meant a mechanical film chain.
Those machines only handled 16mm or 35mm, so many facilities had at least
two, and a Scanner Interface would be installed for each one.  Some suites
also had a separate Scanner Interface with suitable decoders and encoders
for tape-to-tape color correction.  In a typical installation with one Mk
III Rank and no tape-to-tape capability, there would only be one Scanner

If everything is operating properly, the color corrector is booted up, and
"Rank" is selected as the source, all transport functions should work from
the machine panel in "local" and from the color corrector in
"remote"--whether or not the "Source Select" cable is connected.  What won't
work is any color corrections, since the Scanner Interface will not be
active.  I don't recall what the "Count Out" connector was for, but I am
pretty sure you don't have to use it.

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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