[Tig] tig webpages

Rob Lingelbach rob
Thu Oct 18 23:48:42 BST 2001

I took the password off the 'resource' tig webpages, which
is what I call the ones at http://www.alegria.com/tig3, so
anybody can access them.  There's a link to them at

I haven't finished updating them, so they're kind of partially
out-of-sync, but I thought having them up would be a good 
tool for those who would like to update their information
(facilities, manufacturers, etc.).

The archives listed on the menu bar on the left side of all
these pages are the archives from 1994-2000, I'm working on 
a way to have all the archives in one place; until then the
new archives are at tig.alegria.com.

hereby soliciting contributions/corrections to the 'Reference', 
'Facilities', 'Classified', 'Tech Support', and 'Manufacturers' 

Rob Lingelbach                         http://www.alegria.com 
System Administrator                     rob at film.calarts.edu
Computer Animation Lab                        rob at alegria.com
California Institute of the Arts              


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