[Tig] Re: The TIG

Ken Robinson crash2010
Fri Oct 19 04:38:51 BST 2001

It was quiet at IBC this year.

The products that I thought interesting and possibly
good for discussion: 

Cintel?s Oscar:
A quite incredible device for dirt and scratch

Thomson's Puller:
Place an EDl in the transfer engine and it will auto
control the Spirit for your data transfers, with or
without handles.
ITK's 3k + GUI Interface

Pandora's Jam card
I didn't get time to go into detail, but the general
idea was 2 layers to do vignettes and area limitation
control for the secondaries.
5D's concept for data
Running data from a main diskarray and allowing access
from various workstations to complete colour
correction or special effects work. Those workstations
being PC's.

Quantel's concept for data: IQ

I am sure that there were many others from the TIG who
managed to spend longer at the various stands and can
explain better if there are questions.

Ken Robinson

--- Rob Lingelbach <rob at film.calarts.edu> wrote: > On
Mon, Oct 15, 2001 at 01:32:04PM +0100, Steve Shaw
> wrote:
> > Rob,
> > Thanks for the reply.
> > I was looking for IBC 2001 discussions so earlier
> info will not be much use.
> > Thanks anyway.
> there was very little, and the tig was going through
> some downtime
> right around then unfortunately.
> it would be great if someone could give a summary of
> IBC 2001.
> -- 

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