[Tig] OT: Buying Sony Parts

bob at bluescreen.com bob
Mon Apr 1 17:11:13 BST 2002

Although slightly off-topic, I'd like to know how others are dealing with
buying parts from Sony.

I am just so sick of paying $38 plus shipping and handling for a $3 triac with
Sony house numbers on it. I know there are several tiers of Sony pricing, but
can't seem to get any info on how to move past the first (retail) tier.

I tried opening an account, but after submitting six pages of paperwork was
told there had to be an initial $2,000 order to do that. I guess that's how
they keep the riff-raff like me out.

Any ideas, suggestions, hints, etc. welcome, either here or in email.


Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

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