[Tig] Secondary Vs Primary.... again.

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Thu Apr 4 10:31:12 BST 2002

From: "Redmond Ian" <Ian.Redmond at technicolor.com>

> what seperates primary colour correction from secondary
>is the way the colour space is handled

>On our Millenium/Pixi/Pogle set-up primary and secondary
>correction is available in both the TK and the Pixi. Using Mega-Def you
>can also isolate an area by area and hue/luminence and then apply
>primary or secondary correction!

Part of the confusion, I think, is due to these terms being of an era when
having two layers of processing was a stretch.  A few of the old-school
definitions offered (or floating around) are:

1-  Primaries = balance; Secondaries = color modifiers
2- Primaries have to do with color-science primary colors and Secondaries
with derivatives from these primary colors.
3- Primaries are for balance and the name Secondaries is used for all
processing that comes after that.

I truly believe that these terms no longer apply to what is done in a
telecine or tape-to-tape room today.  We now have layer-upon layer that can
be manipulated, cascaded and selected based on many qualifiers --color or
not-- and other tools available to the colorist today affect such things as
texture and focus.  Granted, some of these have nothing to do with color ...
but the functionality stayed in the TK/CC room for one reason:  That's where
the most qualified person for such manipulation is located.

If you apply "primary" and "secondary" correction within the telecine ...
are the color-corrector's "primary" adjustments still "primary"?  If we
refered to them as what they are (black, gamma and gain (or white) RGB
balance and gain, for example) the terminology would hold reasonably well
regardless of where in the processing chain they were used and for what

My guess is that the terms need to be replaced.  But, who has the power to
make that happen?  And what would the new lingo be?

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