[Tig] re; The Magic Effect

NextGen Assoc Stan Chayka schayka
Fri Apr 5 16:59:10 BST 2002

Ian Redmond wrote

>I certainly feel 'old school' some mornings. All these variations of
>phrase and terminology certainly help to maintain the 'magic' of


I feel as you do!

The magic is certainly a required aspect of the color correction business.

Its' part of the marketing hype deployed on the customers but should never
	become the basis for communicating within our industry.

In trying to provide an explanation on the difference between Primary and
Secondary controls, I hoped
that it would be simple yet accurate enough for someone who needed an answer
to his question.

I don't think that the terminology used was ambiguous or based on particular
product terminology.

If the latest trends are based on 'layering', perhaps the colorists' should
be know now as 'Layerists' or 'Composite Artists'.

Anyhow, layering is only many color correctors in series. (said in jest)

See you all at the OPTIONS Party.

Stan Chayka
NextGen Associates

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