[Tig] re: Tweaker award

Malcolm Todd malt
Thu Apr 11 02:01:19 BST 2002

Hi folks,
I'm not very good at this sort of thing, but since I couldn't be present 
to accept the Tweaker award last night I thought some sort of 
acknowledgement was warranted.
Firstly a big thank you to whoever nominated me, and also obviously to 
all of you who voted for me.
Thanks also to Donna and all the crew at Options, without whom there 
wouldn't be an award.
Finally, I would just like to add that I felt both honoured and humbled 
to have my name listed with the other nominees, some of whom I know from 
my days long ago at Cintel, the others by reputation. To have actually 
won the award has exceeded my wildest dreams.
Thanks again, and I hope one day to make it to NAB and catch up with you 
all personally.
Malcolm  J. Todd  -  Senior Engineer.
Omnilab, Crows Nest, Sydney Australia.
Tel +61 2 94322766 Fax +61 2 94384050
Mob 0411 302 422  malt at omnilab.com.au

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