Thomson data camera (was: Re: [Tig] NAB)

Geoff Boyle geoff
Sun Apr 14 17:37:21 BST 2002

>> Star product that impressed me today was the Thomson data camera.
>I'd like to know what that is, can someone elucidate?

I've written about this at length on CML-HDTV but any way :-)

It's a new digital cinema camera that outputs 10 bit Cineon log files in

Dave Bancroft did a lovely presentation about it, emphasising what it
HADN't got! No aperture correction, no matrixing, no and on and on.

It's output look like a flat output from a Spirit, it's designed to be
graded in the same way, you shoot to Hard Disk array, Directors Friend,
it's a dual SDI output, and dump to Spectre to work with.

I had the chance to shoot with it at the show and was hugely impressed
with it.

I know that a number of colourists had a chance to play with the
material I shot, maybe they'd like to comment?

A number of people have made the mistake of judging the camera by
looking at the output on the monitors above the cameras on the stand,
this was NOT the full output of the camera and is the equivalent of
judging a film camera by looking at the video assist.


Geoff Boyle FBKS

Director of Photography
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