[Tig] Other interesting stuff at NAB

Michael Orton mike
Sun Apr 14 19:19:01 BST 2002

Perhaps I'm becoming jaded, or perhaps its the much longer 
time-to-market for NAB equipment (often showing many months before 
availability), but NABs of late have seemed to be less than inspiring.

There were some noteworthy items: the Viper camera, of course being a 
very significant development for TIG'rs end of the business. I have 
to mention two and a half quite amazing items which we saw on the 
Cintel stand, no less.

The first was the OSCAR (sic?) scratch concealment that was working 
on the system that David Bernstein was demonstrating. I had been 
aware of the product for a while, but had kind of passed over it. The 
near-perfect restoration of a film frame that Peter Swinson had 
sandpapered/scoured with a wire Brillo Pad was almost beyond belief! 
I think it is definitely time to bid adios to perchlor/wet gate 
technology; although I didn't ask Peter if the "OSCAR" was 
non-carcinogenic, I'd say it was a pretty safe bet.

The second amazing thing was the fantastic 22" IBM LCD panel at the 
front of the stand that Peter was using to demonstrate the compressed 
4k versus full-rez 2k images. If I remember correctly, the resolution 
was 3840 horizontal by 2048? vertically. Anyway, for a mid forties 
guy like myself, the dot pitch was so fine that I could not focus 
closely enough to resolve them (about 4" from the screen). The effect 
was exactly like a very large color transparency on a light table. 
Also amazing was the pricing of less than $10 grand. I want one......

The half amazing thing was only half amazing, because Peter has been 
beating this drum for a while, and it obviously encourages sales of 
the C-Reality among others. This was the demonstration of the higher 
perceived resolution of a native 4k scanned neg frame compressed to 
yield a 800k frame; versus a native 2k scanned IP. Peter's point is 
that the compression works well on the 4k frame because of the 
natural HF filtering characteristic of the film. I'm told that the 
material is on the Cintel site, and I encouraged Peter to put the 
entire frames (50MB) up for people to play about themselves.

What else was good? Well I was intrigued by the new ITK Northlight 
scanner, which, like their other products, looked so aesthetically 
pleasing that it just had to work well! I'm looking forward to 
getting some material scanned on this machine. Native resolution was 
6k, subsampled to 4 or 2k.

OK disclaimer: I dont have any ties to any of these companies. I do 
consult for Mathematical Technologies Inc (MTI), so have an interest 
in film restoration, color correction, up/down conversion and all the 
other goodies they do.
All the information presented is solely 'coz I found it interesting. 
If you dont, too bad I wasted your time, cause I know others will!

Nice to see you all again at NAB.
Mike Orton
Weird Science Inc.
(310) 753-1362


"No race, country or individual has a monopoly of good or evil"

- Winston Spencer Churchill

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