[Tig] RE: Thomson Data Camera

Jeff Kreines jeffkreines
Sun Apr 14 20:55:34 BST 2002

neilf at videopost.com wrote:

>Well, it has been a while since I have posted here, but I did want to back 
>up what Ken and I (and many others) noticed.  The resolution of the image 
>almost completely disappeared whenever the camera was panned side to side, 
>etc.  We both observed this phenomena on every monitor (including the ones 
>located far off to the side).

False data.

Thomson was somewhat silly in that the only monitors near the cameras 
were from the "preview" output -- which are not the 10 bit dual HDSDI 
outputs that you record.  The preview output is akin to a video tap -- 
you can tweak it to preview a grading effect, but the data recorded from 
the camera is still raw, and untouched.  I'm assuming that the 
flicker/resolution problems are related to how the downconversion of this 
output is handled.  But I don't think you can judge it based on that...

Jeff "admits there may be other issues with the camera, but it's still an 
improvement over the CineAlta" Kreines

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