[Tig] 18fps and HD

Uwe Braehler uwe
Sun Apr 14 23:14:08 BST 2002

On 8 Apr 2002 at 9:28, Stuart Fyvie wrote:
> Jeff, there shouldn't be a problem. Bear in mind that the TK deck will have
> to be in 'wild' on the Pandora (I think thats what you have) as it won't do
> a sync edit. best to do it in one pass onto a comp tape. Spirit should work
> fine at 18 fps. 1080/24.

making a TK transfer when the film speed is different than the VTR speed 
introduces pulldown. That is annoying enough if you do a 2:3 pulldown when 
transferring material shot with 24 fps on a 60 Hz interlace standard. 
Doing the same in a progressive standard is way worse. The sequence in 
that 18 fps -> 24 fps transfer will be 2:1:1 - in progressive.

Other solutions are: transfer the film with 24 fps. Transfer into an 
interlaced standard like 60i. The pulldown will be way less visible (18 
fps to 24 fps introduces a 4:4:3 pulldown).

It's hard to tell what's the best way to go without more information about 
the complete workflow

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