[Tig] Colossus

Jeff Heusser jeff
Mon Apr 15 16:39:20 BST 2002

At NAB I spent some time with 5D Colossus and was expecting the TIG to 
be filled with discussions of that when I got back.  I am a compositor, 
not a colourist but I thought it was exciting to see a product that 
allows film to be color corrected as data, without tying together a 
bunch of kit from different manufacturers and without spending millions 
(they were quoting $350,000).  I especially like the idea of having all 
your film online, random access and conformed to allow in context 
correction.  Also more sophisticated windowing with tracking and drawing 
any shape. And since the result can be data we move closer and easier to 
a tapeless facility.

Today they are focusing the product on feature film grading, but when 
they get video out up and running it seems like an ideal commercial 
environment as well.  Scan on lower cost scanners, grade data and output 
the desired formats.

The booth was packed, the pod with the demo unit on it was often 
unreachable...   I do recall there was some buzz after IBC but have not 
see anything here after NAB.


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