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Ricamonte, Richard RRicamonte
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I know Philips has 4foot flourescents rated at 5,000K (or there abouts).
This is the highest I've seen so far at the consumer level and I've bought
some before for home from The Home Depot.   There's another site called
Technoscout that sells some products that may help you with your decisions. 


Disclaimer: I receive no compensations of any sort from Home Depot, Philips
or Technoscout... (sniff, sniff)  me, just another cog in the wheel of


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> I'd like some advice/help with what you folks recommend for the lighting
> of a very modest telecine suite. The books I've read all say the
> lighting in a suite should be the same as the monitor, around 6,500
> degrees Kelvin.
> I cannot find anything that will even come close to that unless it
> involves taking a standard 2,700 degree hosehold lamp and gelling it up.
> Is there something else out there I'm missing or is this the way it's
> being done?
> Thanks for the input, as always.
> George Odell
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