light spectra (was: Re: [Tig] Telecine Suite Lighting)

Adrian Thomas adrian
Wed Apr 17 10:12:21 BST 2002

> If light and lamps have spectra, as we know they do, are they not
> important as well in the choice of lamp?  Or is there a magic way
> that color temperature can be a measurement that averages the
> associated spectrum?

Colour temperature values only properly apply to blackbody radiators, and
conventional Tungsten filament lamps approach (but do not match) this
definition. In the context of a telecine suite, however, as your only trying
to provide a 'neutral' background for an emissive picture, you lamps need
only provide an 'apparent' 6500K. Well designed 6500K flourescents like
Philips' provide a spectrum that is certainly smooth enough for TK use. Some
colour meters provide both an x' y' and a colour temp value as it would
appear to a standard observer.
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