[Tig] Telecine lighting tests an the beginning of standards 1 958-62

Kassner, Neal NJK
Wed Apr 17 17:06:17 BST 2002

Walt Rauffer wrote:
> Many of these standards were also applied to video control rooms and
equipment rooms.
>These were adopted by NET and CBS in their film projection and telecine
To this day, much of the control room and equipment room rack infrastructure
here at the CBS Broadcast Center is a neutral gray (I think the CBS-spec is
called "LGBK").  Of course, a lot these racks and some of the equipment they
hold actually date from the early 60's when these standards were
established.  I'm told that back then, part of the manufacturers' delivery
requirement was that their equipment had to closely match this color so that
when installed in control room racks it presented a uniform look regardless
of whose equipment it was, including monitors, scopes, power supplies, etc.
I didn't realize for a couple of years that there was a valid technical
reason for this, especially having come from ABC where the high-tech, sexy
black look was in vogue.  (Yeah, we went over to the "dark side" in the late
80's, too.)
When I was researching the layout of our color grading suites I came across
SMPTE Document RP 166 which spells out viewing conditions for critical
evaluation of TV pictures.  That, plus a field trip to visit Dave Corbitt
when he was at Manhattan Transfer to talk about task lighting, provided us
with a decent starting point for designing our workspace.
Neal Kassner
Colorist, CBS News/NY
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