[Tig] Telecine lighting tests an the beginning of control rm. de sign standards 1955-1965

Rauffer, Walt Walt.Rauffer
Wed Apr 17 19:04:38 BST 2002

I'd be willing to add to a page that would give some insight and background
on why things are the way they are and what helped them get that way.
Color telecines in network broadcasting in NYC go back to the mid 50's (CBS
72 @ 81st St., Peter Pan film direct to air).
I was one of the first to try to correct images on feature films when
broadcast live direct from the film chain ( WOR telecine, 82nd floor Empire
State Building). I also installed a control panel with 10 RGB presets that
were switched manually (no computers in 65'). No second chance or other
opinions then. 
Walt Rauffer wrauffer at ieee.org

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