[Tig] Telecine Suite Lighting

bobineinc at aol.com bobineinc
Thu Apr 18 03:54:50 BST 2002

hi all

" the t5-small maches perfectly the true day light"

Will all the respect, somebody is making the money here, "true daylight or "full spectrum light" are BUZZ WORLD that sells. Claiming that a tube is true daylight is simply not true. Did someone  measure it and can someone predict an RGB picture under such a light? I think these companies should say "it is  an attempt to macht daylight ".
if we look at the SPD curves (color temperature) of the t5-small, we will find yellow or green in great amount. In general fluorescent tubes are better made when the manufacturer is aiming for 5000k  above that, good luck. Not to mention most of the people change there fluorescent tube when they flicker witch means that the tube changed from 6500k to 1000k or less during the course of it life time.
How many hours do you have on your tube and how many other type of light do you in your bay makes it an IMPOSSIBLE standard to follow.
Jias / Bobine ( pronounce Bo been)

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