[Tig] Telecine Output

Steven Gladstone veenotph
Fri Apr 19 05:00:33 BST 2002

		Cinematographer here, so please forgive if this is a non answereable 
question. My understanding (which could be flawed), is that the Telecine 
equiped with say a DaVincci 8:8:8 (could be other color correctors as 
well I imagine), can output Standard def NTSC at 4:4:4 (or better? What 
is 8:8:8?, I feel I understand 4:4:4). So it can output 525 lines of 
resolution at full color sampling in real time, and that when going to 
tape (Digi Beta for example) the tape deck compresses the color sample 
ratio to 4:2:2 and introduces a 2:1 compression. Or is it the Telecine 
that converts to 4:2:2 and adds 2:1 compression.

Here is why I ask. When transferring to Video, I can't afford a 2K 
transfer, but as I have a N.L.E. and Digital Fusion, I could convert 
Computer files to NTSC at home using my N.L.E., so If I could get the 
Standard def files of 4:4:4 to my system (portable hard disk array), any 
compositing could be done with full color sampling, and all the footage 
could stay in 4:4:4 through editing and compositing (and final color 
tweak), until I'm ready to lay it off to tape.

This way I avoid having to edit, and composite with compressed images, 
plus I get REAL time color correction, and the Colorists input and work 
is maintained all the way through. Granted it is standard def and not 
Higher res, but still it would be 4:4:4, and real time. So I ask you is 
such a thing possible today?

Steven Gladstone
Cinematographer - Gladstone Films
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