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From: John P Pytlak

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From: Lapointe Michel <m.lapointe at onf.ca>
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Subject: [Tig] KODAK's The Cinematographer's Test

Bonjour everybody,

    I went yesterday to a SMPTE presentation in Montreal
and we were shown a comparative test between HD and film
made by 3 american DOPs.  This was called The Cinematographer's Test. Made
by Kodak.

    Has anybody else seen this film ? If so , I'd like very much to read
your comments and discuss it .

Michel Lapointe

m.lapointe at nfb.ca <mailto:m.lapointe at nfb.ca>

Dear Michel:

Here is a link to information about the Cinematographer's Test:


If you read about the test, it was not "Made by Kodak", but is being shown
by Kodak in various locations:

"The cinematographers who volunteered to participate were in full control
of how they recorded the scenes they chose. They also supervised color
timing of the film and HD masters. It was their test."

"Various companies and individuals played roles in the project. Panavision
provided the Panaflex film cameras and lenses chosen by the
cinematographers and the Sony CineAlta 24p HD digital camera and lenses
used by Bailey. Plus 8 Video provided the Sony HDW-F900 24p HDCAM and Canon
and Fujinon lenses chosen by Chressanthis and Schneider. Day and night,
mixed lighting, interior and exterior scenes were produced on a stage and
back lot at Paramount Studios, and at practical locations in and around Los
Angeles. Negative and print film processing was done by CFI Labs. HD images
were converted to film by Sony Imageworks. Film-to-tape and tape-to-tape
transfers and HD postproduction were done by Laser Pacific Media. Opticals,
including split-screen shots used for side-by-side comparisons was done by
Imagica USA."

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