[Tig] Digital cinema

James Fancher fancher
Sat Jan 12 04:15:07 GMT 2002

on 1/11/02 12:32 AM, Dick Hobbs at dick at hobbsassoc.co.uk wrote:

> As far as I am aware, there are still only the 32 "beta site" digital
> cinemas in operation around the world at present. A year or so ago
> Technicolor and Qualcomm announced a joint venture to convert 1000 more
> digital screens in the US, but I have not heard of any progress on this
> project.
11 of the 17 systems which played back "Ocean's 11" used the Qualcomm VBS
(variable block size for the TLA challenged) encoding. Other technologies
are indeed knocking.

Jim Fancher
Technicolor Creative Services

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